Country Oven Multiseed Bread Mix

Low GI

Since the launch of Country Oven Multiseed Bread Mix, the interest in low GI diets and retail sales for low GI foods in the UK has increased significantly. This has been reflected in the demand for this product across all sectors of the industry.

For the majority of consumers, taste is still the main reason to purchase and this is where Multiseed Bread Mix is in a class of its own. However, if there is a health benefit delivered as well as great taste, then that will be welcomed by your customer as an added benefit.

The health benefits of following a low GI diet (assistance in dieting, lowering of blood glucose and cholesterol levels) are increasingly understood by consumers.

The bread also has reduced salt levels at 0.7gm of salt per 100gm of bread so consumers concerned about salt intake will happily switch to Multiseed.

There are also a minority of consumers for whom health is the number one issue.

One such increasingly important group are Diabetics. It has been clinically proven that following a low GI diet will lead to lower blood glucose levels after eating, which can contribute to the control of diabetes. Multiseed Bread Mix is suitable as part of such a diet.

For more information on Country Oven Multiseed Bread Mix, contact your local Bakels Bakery Advisor so we can arrange a product demonstration in your bakery.